In 2021, we have published the following articles:

Siltanen, S., Heinonen, H., Burova, A., Becerril Palma, P., Truong, P., Opas, V., & Turunen, M. (2021). There is Always a Way: Organizing VR User Tests with Remote and Hybrid Setups during a Pandemic—Learnings from Five Case Studies. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction

Kallioniemi, P., Burova, A., Mäkelä, J., Keskinen, T., Ronkainen, K., Mäkelä, V., Hakulinen, J., & Turunen, M. (2021). Multimodal warnings in remote operation: The case study on remote drivingMultimodal Technologies and Interaction5(8), [44].

Hakulinen, J., Keskinen, T., Turunen, M., & Siltanen, S. (2021). Design Space for Voice-Based Professional ReportingMultimodal Technologies and Interaction5(3).

Okkonen, J., Hakulinen, J., Jalava, M., Mansikka, H., Keskinen, T., & Turunen, M. (2021). Design for AI-Enhanced Operator Information Ergonomics in a Time-Critical Environment. In H. Ayaz, U. Asgher, & L. Paletta (Eds.), Advances in Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering – Proceedings of the AHFE 2021 Virtual Conferences on Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering, Industrial Cognitive Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology, and Cognitive Computing and Internet of Things, 2021 (pp. 213-221). (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems; Vol. 259). Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH.

Burova, A., Heinonen, H., Becerril Palma, P., Keskinen, T., Hakulinen, J., Opas, V., Mäkelä, J., Ronkainen, K., Siltanen, S., Raisamo, R., & Turunen, M. (2021). Toward Efficient Academia-Industry Collaboration: A Case Study of Joint VR System Development. In Mindtrek 2021: Academic Mindtrek 2021 (pp. 176–185). (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series). ACM.

Burova, A., Leisiö, L., Sharma, S., Thankachan, B., & Turunen, M. (2021). Technology Inclusion via Endangered Language Learning Application: An Explorative Case Study with Remote Nganasan Community. In Academic Mindtrek Conference 2021 (pp. 21–32). (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series). ACM.

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