Identifying Deception in Forensic Contexts: from witness statements to financial fraud, 11 January

Guest lecture in forensic linguistics

Forensic linguist and consultant Dr. Isabel Picornell (QED Forensics) will deliver an open lecture at Tampere University.
“Identifying Deception in Forensic Contexts: from witness statements to financial fraud”
Date and time: 11 January, 12:15-13:45
Place: Tampere University, room Pinni A 2100
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Dr. Picornell is an experienced practitioner of forensic linguistics and director of the consulting company QED Forensics She is also President of the International Association for Forensic and Legal Linguistics (IAFLL) and a certified fraud examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Dr. Picornell specializes in the cases involving deception detection.
In her talk, Dr. Picornell will talk about her research on how linguistic features can be used to detect fraudulent communications. The lecture is open to all interested parties, although it is probably going to be most relevant to listeners with some linguistic, communication studies, or legal background. I encourage you to spread the word and invite your students and colleagues.


To date, no single cue or set of cues have been identified that are characteristic of verbal deception across contexts and media. What research increasingly reveals is that deception is not a separate communication construct to normal truth telling, nor is it emotion-linked. Instead, the “linguistic cues” we find are conditional on the information strategy that the deceiver choses to use. This presentation will begin with brief look at the evolution and social history of deception cues to establish why we think of deception cues in the way that we do, and then move into exploring linguist strategies associated with texts normally found in forensic contexts – witness statements and falsified emails relating to financial fraud.

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