Research groups

Plural is organised into research groups that enable collaboration between the researchers of the University of Tampere and researchers from other universities in Finland and abroad. Collaboration between researchers of language, translation, literature, and culture as well as other sciences provides an opportunity to examine social shift, change, and movement.

Each of the research groups is introduced on their own page that includes description, members, projects and publications of the group. More information on ongoing and finished projects can be found on the Projects menu.


Research Groups

Changing literacy in French: genres and forms

The Changing Environment of the North: Cultural Representations and Uses of Water (CEN)

The Changing Translatorial Landscape

Computer-based Studies of Specialised Texts and Terminology (COSSTT)

Crosslinguistic project on pre- and protomorphology in language acquisition

Democratization, Mediatization and Language Practices in Britain, 1700- 1950 (DEMLANG)

Discourse and Interaction

Evolving Englishes: multiple global English data in time and space (EvolvE)

Finnish Language and Social Participation

FinnSwear: The social distributions of English-sourced and Finnish swear words in Finnish speakers’ multilingual practices


DARE: Dynamics of language awareness and ideologies in reflective processes

Multimodality in Translation and Interpreting (MULTI)

Spatial Studies and Environmental Humanities

Variation and Change in the Finnish Language