Societal awareness of linguistic variation and change (LANGAWARE)

The LANGAWARE project investigates, how language users of different backgrounds who use Finnish as their first or as a second language perceive variation of Finnish in their everyday life-worlds, in face-to-face encounters and online environments such as instant messaging and social media.

Langaware word cloudThe project brings a new, perceptual continuum into the study of linguistic variation and change by applying quantitative survey methods and qualitative inclusive methods in the context of Finland. The project will, on the one hand, investigate the relationship of contemporary language users to those linguistic variables on which there is research available since 1970s based on real-time methods. On the other hand, the project gives a voice and agency to the regional language communities by inviting language users to co-investigate the dynamics of linguistic diversity and variation in their everyday social spaces.
The project builds on key principles of Citizen Science and contributes to development of participatory research in Sociolinguistics.



Principal investigator

Johanna Vaattovaara

Johanna Vaattovaara
Professor, Finnish language
Tel. +358504377056
Twitter: @JVaattovaara

Senior grant researcher

Kaarina Hippi

Kaarina Hippi

Post doctoral grant researcher

Olli Kuparinen

(starting 1.10.2023)

Science communication specialist

Mari Heikkilä