Semiotics X Translation - Call for Applications

Doctoral Consortium - 14th December 2022, Tampere University

In connection with the Semiotics X Translation seminar, Tampere University and Plural will host a Doctoral Consortium open to PhD students working on related topics from the fields of translation, semiotics, media, communication sciences and more.

At the consortium, doctoral students will have the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback on it from other participants as well as our mentors, which include Douglas Robinson and J. Tuomas Harviainen.

A Doctoral Consortium is a perfect venue to develop one’s PhD research, allowing to receive feedback and suggestions both from peers and from experienced mentors. It is also a splendid occasion for networking and entering in contact with colleagues working on related topics.


Call for Applications

In order to participate in the Doctoral Consortium please submit an application.

The call is open to all PhD students in Finland, the Nordics, and the Baltics whose research interests are related to translation and/or semiotics and the many ways in which these two fields interact.

To apply, please send an email to containing:

  • Your name and affiliation
  • Information about the stage of your PhD
  • A brief Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum)
  • An extended abstract of your research project (3 pages). The document should include (1) a brief description of current status of your work; (2) a summary of the research objectives/goals/questions; (3) key concepts or terminology that frames your research; (4) theoretical framework(s) used in the research; (5) results to date; and (6) on-going and upcoming work.


The Doctoral Consortium will feature short 5-minute presentations by the doctoral students on their research topics and on the issues or problems they are currently facing. Each presentation will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion with the mentors and other participants.

To smoothen the whole process, coffee and tea will also be served.

The deadline for applications is 14th November.

Doctoral Consortium participants are also given priority when registering for the Semiotics X Translation seminar, taking place at Tampere University on the previous day, the 13th of December. The seminar will feature talks on semiotics and translation by Doug Robinson (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Sari Helkala-Koivisto (Finnish Semiotic Society) and Mattia Thibault (Tampere University). You can register for the seminar at

If you have any questions regarding the Doctoral Consortium or the seminar, please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers at and