Protein Dynamics

We use state-of-the-art experimental and computational methods to study the relations between protein conformation and function


Protein conformation can be modulated in response to chemical and physical stimuli from various sources. Our research utilizes advanced experimental and computational methods including protein engineering, cellular models, tailored hydrogel substrates, and molecular dynamics simulations to elucidate the relationship between protein conformation and function.

Cancer mechanosignaling

Mechanical signals have been shown to influence the physical properties of tumours and their environment leading to changes in e.g., cancer progression and metastasis. Our aim is to deepen the understanding of the role of mechanosignalling in cancer invasion utilizing novel customizable hydrogels, with the objective of identifying new treatment possibilities.

Vaccine development

We develop virus-like particle (VLP) -based experimental vaccines for combating both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Our findings demonstrate that VLPs can trigger an immune response against noroviruses, enteroviruses, and influenza. Furthermore, we are advancing vaccine candidates against cardiovascular disease -associated oral bacteria to prevent related cardiovascular events.