GINTL/JoLii webinar series

The GINTL-JoLii Webinar Series ‘Dialogues on Education and Society’ engages leading experts in dialogues on Chinese and Finnish education and society with comparative broader European and global perspective. The dialogues are in various formats, and they are targeted to researchers, policymakers, education practitioners, and administrators.

This webinar series is jointly organised with the Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL).

The links to recordings of the past webinars and the upcoming webinars are available in the list below (to be updated):

Past webinars:

  1. Education tendencies and reforms in China and Finland 
  2. Reimagining the Future of Education
  3. Regional universities transformation in China – What can be learned from the Finnish UAS reform?
  4. Higher education cooperation between China and Finland: opportunities and challenges
  5. Worklife relevance of secondary vocational education in China and Finland
  6. Models and organisation of teacher professional development in the Finnish and Chinese education system
  7. Education and Sustainable Development Goals: Policies in China and Finland
  8. Phenomenon-based learning in the eyes of Chinese and Finnish educationalists

Upcoming webinars:

  1. Cultural traditions and modern education: Experiences in China and Finland (December, 2022)
  2. Reforms on higher education admissions in China and Finland