Introduction to SFERC

Introduction to SFERC

Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC)

Directors: LIU Baocun, Professor, Beijing Normal University
CAI Yuzhuo, Adjunct Professor, University of Tampere

The Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre is mainly engaged in conducting research on Chinese and Finnish education (e.g. comparative research and policy studies), facilitating interactions between education research and education policy development of both China and Finland, and developing quality assurance system to support education exchange and cooperation between the two countries.  The main activities of the centre include coordinating joint research and research exchange between the two countries, organizing publications on Chinese and Finnish education, promoting Chinese and Finnish education to each other via (social) media, organizing workshops/conference and professional training, as well as developing quality assurance for Sino-Finnish education exchange and cooperation.


This is Finnish Education

”This is Finnish Education Series” organised by the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre is a response to the increasing demands of Chinese educational professionals for deeper understandings of Finnish education and thus provides reliable source of information about Finnish education. Meanwhile it is an open platform and a sign of quality assurance, in that only reliable information about Finnish education and high quality of training programmes can be included in the “This is Finnish Education Series”.


Sino-Finnish Learning Innovation Joint Institute (JoLii)

 The “Sino-Finnish Learning Innovation Joint Institute” (JoLii) is a key component and operational body of the “Sino-Finnish Learning Garden”, a framework for education exchange and cooperation between China and Finland initiated by both governments.

JoLii is aimed to enhance Sino-Finnish education cooperation and exchange with higher quality through joint research, collaborative programs and experience sharing. Particularly is committed to develop innovative solutions for education/learning and policy development in both countries, and to address global challenges as well.

On 12 June 2015, the “Sino-Finnish Learning Garden”, was founded through a bilateral agreement signed by the Chinese and Finnish Miniseries of Education, associated with the Chinese Vice-premier LIU Yandong’s visit to Finland. Following the “Learning Garden” framework, a memorandum on establishing the “Sino-Finnish Joint learning Innovation Institute” (JoLii) was signed on 16th November 2015 by the leaders of the two coordinating universities of JoLii, Beijing Normal University and the University of Helsinki. The members of the JoLii including nine Finnish universities and more Chinese universities. JoLii has executive boards on both the Chinese and Finnish sides, respectively chaired by Prof. ZHOU Zuoyu, Vice President of Beijing Normal University and Prof. Hannele Niemi, former Vice President of University of Helsinki.

On 16-17 May 2016, an official launching event of JoLii was held in Helsinki with participation of all member institutions. On 23-25 October 2016, a similar event to launch the JoLii was organized in Zhuhai, China. After JoLii’s Zhuhai event, JoLii has established six centers as the operational unis of JoLii, as follows:

  • Sino-Finnish Education Research Center
  • Sino-Finnish Double/Dual Degree Center
  • Sino-Finnish Education ICT Center
  • Sino-Finnish Teacher Training Center
  • Sino-Finnish Learning Garden Experience Center
  • Sino-Finnish Learning Research Innovation Center