Working paper series

Please find here working papers published by CEREC (China Education Research and Exchange Centre), the predecessor of SFERC. The articles highlight the findings of research conducted by researchers in the CEREC network.

The topics in the series include:

•    Chinese educational policy and development,

•    Comparative studies on China and Nordic education systems, development and practices,

•    Cooperation and exchange between China and Nordic countries.

All articles are peer reviewed. The copyright of a working paper is held by the author. For more information, please contact Cai Yuzhuo (


Working Paper 1: Developing offshore education in China: A perspective from Finland (PDF)

Working Paper 2: Scenarios for China and Finland Cooperation in School Education: How We Can Benefit from Each Other? (PDF)

Working Paper 3: Governance Reforms in Chinese Higher Education: A Finnish Perspective (PDF)

Working Paper 4: Inclusive Education in China (PDF)

Working Paper 5: Understanding Chinese principals’ perceptions of the Finnish training program: An evaluation report (PDF)

Working Paper 6: Understanding Vocational Education Market in China (PDF)

Working Paper 7: Book review of Boundless Classroom (Rajaton luokkahuone in Finnish) (PDF)

Working Paper 8: Untangling the complex reasons behind success in the PISA test – an essay on Finnish and Chinese education (PDF)