Recordings of 1st webinar ‘How to study Education Sciences in Finland’

The recordings and ppt slides can be accessed by clicking on the respective links in the program below:

Program of the first webinar held on 17th December 2021 (Finnish time):

13.00-13.05 Prof. Baocun Liu (video)

Dean of the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University

Chinese director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (JoLii)

Topic: Welcome speech

13.05-13.30 Minna Huotilainen (video, ppt slides)

Professor of Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

Topic: Changing Education Master’s programmes at University of Helsinki

13.30-13.55 Xin Tang (video, ppt slides)

University Researcher & Docent, University of Helsinki

Topic: EduSci PhD program application process and funding sources in Finland

13.55-14:20 Yuzhuo Cai (video, ppt slides)

Senior Lecturer & Docent, University of Tampere

Finnish director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (JoLii)

Topic: Doctoral supervisors’ advice for Chinese applicants who are applying for doctoral programs in Finland

14:20-14.45 Hongzhi Sun

Head of the Education Section, Embassy of China in Finland

Topic: Guidance for Chinese Students when applying for China National Scholarships

14.45-15.10 Qiu Yue (video, ppt slides)

Student representative from Changing Education, University of Helsinki

Topic: What does Study Education Sciences in Finland bring to me?

15.10-15.15 Wendan Qian (video)

Founder of Pedagogy Finland ry

Topic: Introducing Study EduSci in Finland Series & Closing

The information of the other two webinars will be announced later.