Dissertation shortlisted

The doctoral dissertation 'Normalizing Utopia' by Fernando Nieto has been included in an anthology published by the Association of Architects in Madrid (COAM)

The Professional Association of Architects of Madrid (COAM) has published the book ‘Tesis Recientes II’, including a selection of articles resulted from doctoral dissertations defended by its affiliates at different Schools of Architecture, mainly in the Madrid area. The goal is to give visibility to the research work done by architects out of the academic context. The articles included in the research book are based on a lecture series held at COAM in 2018 and 2019, where the authors were invited to give a lecture on their doctoral dissertations.

Associate Professor Fernando Nieto’s doctoral dissertation, titled ‘Normalizing Utopia. A Project of Systematization of Regulations on Social Housing’, analyses methods and strategies in housing design in relation to design standards and regulations, with a focus on social housing and its regulations in the Spanish context. Defended at the Madrid School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid (ETSAM-UPM) and supervised by Juan Herreros, the dissertation was finalist at the 11th Biennial Competition for Doctoral Dissertations in Architecture arquia/tesis 2017.

The doctoral dissertations shortlisted for the Tesis Recientes de Arquitectura lecture series and publication are available for download at COAM’s online repository.