Technology × Social Interaction

Research on how information technology shapes and could enhance social interaction.

Technology × Social Interaction (TSI)

(× = by / of / in / for / against / beyond …)

The TSI research group is interested in the role of technology in social interaction.
We aim to enhance human sociality and collaboration with novel ICT applications.

Our research interests include:
Social Matching: How could data science & AI help identify suitable collaborators, support recruitment, find experts, and form teams?
UI in mediated communication: How is interaction in social media conditioned and structured by user interfaces? How to design sociality-enhancing systems?
Critical & speculative design: How to challenge design conventions in user interfaces?
ICT ethics & sustainability: How to design responsibly, mindful of moral considerations?
Social Acceptance & trust: How does societal acceptance and trust in new ICTs form?
Human-AI collaboration: How can human intelligence and AI best work together?

We argue to be a truly cross-disciplinary group, building on research on human-technology interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, social technologies, socio-technical systems, user experience, data science, internet research, and social psychology.

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TSI is affiliated to the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, the New Social Research program, TAUCHI research center, and the Human-Technology interaction & Sustainable Digital Life Master’s programs, as well as the doctoral program of Humans and Technologies.