EmoDiM - Emotions in Digital Media

EmoDiM studies the role of emotions in technology-mediated interaction. We focus on understanding how the quality of discussion could be improved in digital media, especially in online news commenting. We design user interface mechanisms that could improve self-reflection and implicit emotion regulation, aiming to meaningfully intervene detrimental online behavior and rewarding positive behavior. We combine approaches of critical design and speculative design with experimental research of emotional processes.

Contributors: Anna Rantasila, Joel Kiskola, Thomas Olsson (PI). (+ alumni: Heli Väätäjä, Mariana Linhares de Carvalho).

EmoDiM is funded by Academy of Finland (grant 320767) and runs 1/2019 – 12/2022. The project is a collaboration with research group on Emotions, Sociality and Computing, led by Prof. Veikko Surakka, with Dr. Mirja Ilves, Dr. Aleksi Syrjämäki, and Dr. Poika Isokoski on board.