Trust-M investigates how the cultural integration of migrant people in Finland could be enhanced with a sociotechnical approach. This is a large consortium project funded by the Strategic Research Council (Academy of Finland), involving collaborators at Aalto University, University of Helsinki, as well as City of Espoo and other municipalities.

Many migrants may not find Finnish public sector digital services to be accessible, inclusive or trustworthy. Trust-M aims to understand how socially and culturally constructed notions of trust, inclusion, and equality are incorporated in present-day public sector digital services and perceived among citizens and migrants. The research devises methods and best practices for designing new digital services using conversational interaction, algorithmic support, and hybrid service design.
Trust-M will critically design and evaluate innovative digital services that enhance migrants’ engagement with Finnish society. The City of Espoo, as the main interaction partner, will ensure practical relevance for migrant services and promote societal impact. The overall outcome of Trust-M is to offer key insights for designing, piloting, and evaluating trustworthy digital public services for diverse migrants in municipalities across Finland and potentially for other cities elsewhere.