14th TWC International Wear Seminar - New insights into materials science 12.12.2023

14th TWC International Wear Seminar
New insights into materials science
12th December 2023 at 13:00-16:00 (UTC+2, Finnish time)
Free online webinar

The webinar introduces the three new materials science research groups at Tampere University. The program is divided to three sessions that are presenting the latest research topics of Tribology and Surface Modification, Coating Technologies, and Renewable Energy Technologies.

Tribology and Surface Modification is a multi-disciplinary research group performing research in different aspects of tribology and fatigue. The primary professional research of the group is related to the application of surface modification technologies to the study of solid basis in tribology, mechanics of materials, contact mechanics, degradation mechanisms, and mechanical characterizations of various materials, including metals, coatings, and ceramics.

Coating Technologies concentrates on the development of coatings for harsh conditions such as icing, corrosion, and wear as well as additive manufacturing by using cold spraying. It is developing future coatings by starting from material optimization through coating processing to final performance towards more sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Technologies develops renewable energy technologies with improved performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, thereby driving the transition towards sustainable energy sources. Leveraging their expertise in electrochemistry and materials science, the research group primarily focuses on advancing green hydrogen production and its derivatives, energy storage solutions, and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies.

The webinar is free of charge and arranged on-line (Zoom). The participation link and the recording of the webinar will be sent for the registered participants.

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