Research Assistant, Materials Science and Environmental Engineering (8+ positions)

The Materials Science and Environmental Engineering Unit invites applications for several Research Assistant positions. Research Assistant will work in the research groups in many different tasks.

The Chemistry and Advanced Materials (CAM) group has a common strategy of using chemistry approach to design and fabricate functional compounds and materials. We are broadly interested in various application areas, including drug release, solar-driven chemistry, soft robotics, and new energy technologies, and conduct state-of-the-art research in all these areas.  We are recruiting at least 4 highly motivated Research Assistants interested in conducting research in organic chemistry or materials chemistry. The tasks will be scientifically driven, i.e., the Research will work as part of projects aiming towards scientific publications. Research Assistants will be instructed by postdocs or PhD students, but are after getting familiar with their research topic expected to carry out the assigned tasks independently. If you are majoring in chemistry, physics or materials science, please be in touch in case of further questions, or simply apply for a position!

Engineering Materials Science (EMS) utilizes new breakthrough materials to address future challenges related to the environment, energy and human welfare. We develop solutions for all materials used in industrial applications, such as metals, ceramics, elastomers, composites and paper-based materials, as well as study and develop different engineering coatings and surfaces. We take pride in our excellent quality of education; our teachers, laboratories and research are at the cutting edge of materials science in Finland. The Research Assistant position can be either in teaching preparation tasks or in laboratory work related to research groups depending on the interest of applicant.

The goal of the research of Bio and circular research group (BIC) is to promote a cleaner and safer future for the benefit of people and the environment. The group focuses on sustainable conversion of municipal and industrial wastes, wastewaters and flue gas streams to biochemicals and biofuels as well as on recovery of nutrients and metals.  We offer education on Bachelor’s and Master’s level in environmental and energy engineering and in bioengineering. A new International Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering will be started in autumn 2020. We are looking for at least two Research Assistants for the development of our teaching curriculum and course contents, especially international topics and courses. One position is filled for full-time for the summer period (3 months). One position is for part-time during the spring and autumn terms. The latter deals specifically with the flipped classroom implementation of the basic course in environmental engineering and includes also evaluation of assignments.

We are looking for students who dare to take initiative and have good team working and communication skills. For the teaching-oriented positions, interest in promoting learning is essential. A good command of English, both in writing and in oral presentations, will be an asset.

We offer:

As a Research Assistant you have the perfect chance for being part of a vibrant, international and multicultural research environment, which will not only provide insight on the research world itself, but will also represent the perfect occasion to get in touch with cutting-edge research.  As a Research Assistant in teaching, you will participate in developing our own education. This means, for example, planning course contents, finding suitable literature and preparing assignments. For sure, you will learn a great deal yourself on many new topics. You will be a part of our working community where innovation is appreciated and where you get support in your work.

Moreover, Research Assistants are encouraged to discuss with the research group professors about BSc and MSc thesis topics, related to the work period. Most of our Research Assistants, in fact, stay for a master thesis, and they decide later on to continue they research career with a PhD.

The Materials Science and Environmental Engineering Unit invites applications for several Research Assistant positions. Research Assistant will work in the research groups in many different tasks.  The positions will be filled typically for a fixed-term period of three months or as mutually agreed. Trial period applies to all new employees.


The salary will be based on both the job demand level and the employee’s personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. According to the criteria applied to teaching and research staff, the position of the Research Assistant is placed on the job demand level 1. In addition, employees will receive performance-based salary, which for Research Assistants is based on their stage of studies as well as study credits. The salary can be between 1900-2200 e/month.

How to apply:

Please submit your application by the online application form. Closing date for applications is on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 (23:59  EET / 21:59 UTC).

– Applications and attachments must be written in English.
– Applications must be enclosed with CV, letter of motivation and transcript of studies in pdf format.
– Please indicate in the application form your choice of research area (CAM/EMS/BIC).

For more information, please contact:

Chemistry and Advanced Materials (CAM): Prof Arri Priimägi (arri.priimagi(at)
Engineering Materials Science (EMS): Prof Erkki Levänen (erkki.levanen(at)
Bio and circular research group (BIC):  University teacher Hannele Auvinen (hannele.auvinen(at)

About the recruitment process: HR Partner Miia Haikonen (miia.haikonen (at)

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