Role of fracture toughness in impact-abrasion wear

This open access article was made in collaboration with University of Cambridge, Tata Steel Ltd. (India), and Tampere Wear Center.

Two new low alloyed steels were developed with different fracture toughness values but at similar level of hardness with same composition and microstructural phase. The steels were subjected to impact-abrasion wear test. This work examines specifically the additional role of toughness during impact-abrasion wear, using a newly developed high toughness steel. Microstructural characterisation of the damaged samples revealed that better toughness helps resist both impact and abrasion damage.

A.R. Chintha, K. Valtonen, V.-T. Kuokkala, S. Kundu, M.J. Peet, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia. 2019. Role of fracture toughness in impact-abrasion wear, Wear 428–429:430-437