Stable and unstable friction in fretting contacts

Open access article by Jouko Hintikka, Antti Mäntylä, Joona Vaara, Tero Frondelius, and Arto Lehtovaara. Stable and unstable friction in fretting contacts, Tribology International, 131, 73-82

Designing contacts susceptible to fretting is a challenging task due to uncertainties related to friction. For example, coefficient of friction has shown to vary as a function of load cycles and so-called non-Coulomb friction can exist during individual load cycles. Concepts of stable and unstable friction are presented in this manuscript. Based on experiments, no fretting is to be expected if the utilization of friction is kept below unstable friction threshold. If contact is subjected to tangential load above this threshold, reciprocating slippage, fretting, is to be expected even if the contact was initially in stick. Experimental evidence for existence of such threshold is presented in form of friction data, slip data and fretting scars.