Upcoming Workshop on Audio and Speech Technologies

Audio photo by Richard Horvath

AI Hub joins forces with MARVEL EU, which is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program that touches upon multimodality, audio data, and machine learning. The free workshop will include demos from WordDive, Meluta and Yousician.

TAU AI Hub Tampere and MARVEL EU projects are teaming up to organise a joint full-day workshop in Paidia, Nokia Arena in Tampere on 16th June. The event will be hosted in hybrid form.  Choose your preferred mode of attendance and register to the event here. 


Workshop abstract by prof. Tuomas Virtanen:The development of machine learning in combination with signal processing techniques has led to new possibilities in applications that process and analyse audio or speech. This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to exchange information about the latest development in the fields. It will consists of a set of talks given by globally leading experts studying these topics in Tampere University, as well as selected case study presentations from companies. The morning session will focus in giving an overview of different applications that can be addressed by audio and speech technologies, followed by discussing data and machine learning techniques that are needed or can be used in the development of the methods. The afternoon session will include case study presentations from companies and selected projects, as well as a hands-on tutorial that explains how one can get started working on these topics using available resources.



Organizing groups:https://webpages.tuni.fi/arg/https://research.tuni.fi/machinelistening/https://webpages.tuni.fi/specog/index.html

Press releases of recent doctoral defenses done in the research groups:https://www.tuni.fi/en/news/toni-heittola-making-sense-everyday-environments-computational-audio-content-analysishttps://www.tuni.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/shuyang-zhao-clustering-analysis-and-active-learning-sound-event-detection-andDCASE Community web page, where TAU Professor Tuomas Virtanen’s audio signal processing group has had a significant role in organizing:https://dcase.community


Company web pages:




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