Acoustofluidic microrobots

In this project, we use ultrasonic standing waves to manipulate particles and drops in microfluidic devices. The objects are controlled in closed-loop by machine vision feedback. We target devices where all transducers and sensors are decoupled from the chip, so that the chip can be very cheap and disposable. The practical applications of such chips will be in point of care analytics and cell biology.

Academy of Finland Project: Acoustically-actuated droplet microfluidics


Yiannacou, K. and Sariola, V. (2023), Acoustic Manipulation of Particles in Microfluidic Chips with an Adaptive Controller that Models Acoustic Fields. Adv. Intell. Syst., 5: 2300058.
Yiannacou, K., Sharma, V. and Sariola, V. (2022), Programmable Droplet Microfluidics Based on Machine Learning and Acoustic Manipulation. Langmuir, 38 (38): 11557-11564.
Yiannacou, K. and Sariola, V. (2021), Controlled Manipulation and Active Sorting of Particles Inside Microfluidic Chips Using Bulk Acoustic Waves and Machine Learning, Langmuir, 37 (14): 4192-4199.

Veikko Sariola

  • Associate Professor (tenure track)
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
  • Tampere University
  • +358504646138

Kyriacos Yiannacou