The CITER (Center for Innovation and Technology Research) research group specializes in technology-driven sustainable business research. Our team has multidisciplinary expertise i.a. on digitalization, business models, commercialization and multi-actor systems. New innovations and technologies are vital for creating new business models, and we at CITER create new knowledge about commercialization for both scientists and pragmatists. Our research team is a close-knit and personal community of about 20 people, each with their own special abilities, job titles and characteristics. We are a unique research team that loves its work. The leader of our group is Professor Leena Aarikka-Stenroos.

Areas of expertise

The CITER research group belongs to the Unit of Industrial Engineering and Management in Faculty of Management and Business. Our area of expertise is in developing and producing solutions and knowledge for the development of competitiveness in a technology-centric, everchanging operating environment. We have currently several circular economy research projects, in which we study e.g. customer value, digitalization, value creation, organization, living labs, coopetition, startups, commercialization and business ecosystems. In addition, we study patient experience in the healthcare industry and artificial intelligence solutions. Each of our researchers has his/her own areas of expertise, and together we form a comprehensive, business-focused know-how center – CITER.


We are an agile research team known for its collaboration skills and productivity. For us, doing research is a matter of the heart, not forgetting the usability of knowledge. We consider phenomena in regard of further scientific developments and practical applications. Our research results are published in high-level scientific journals, highly-cited and awarded. We work actively for disseminating our research results openly. In addition to academic impact, our research also has societal impact: at the request of e.g. ministries, committees and companies, we regularly give presentations at various events, organize workshops, give expert statements and organize research events.


We study sustainable business built around technology. Our research strategy is divided into four areas: digitalization, multi-actor approach, business models and new technology business. Our goal is to be on the cutting edge of our research field in producing new, fundamental scientific knowledge that resonates strongly with the real world, providing practical applications for pragmatists. For us, meaningful knowledge is a matter of honor.


As a business-focused research group, active interactions with the corporate field and business-related stakeholders are important to us. We have several ongoing projects in collaboration with cities and various actors (e.g. industry associations, ministries). Our stakeholders include e.g. big enterprises, small startups, ministries, domestic and international universities, cities and authorities. We have currently several ongoing projects where we actively interact with the mentioned stakeholders.

Research group leader

Leena Aarikka-Stenroos

Leena Aarikka-Stenroos

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