The minor in Circular Economy

The research group CITER is part of the interdisciplinary entity of the circular economy minor by providing teaching in the course offerings.

Intermediate Studies in Circular Economy as Free Choice Studies, at least 20 ects

The minor in Circular Economy is an interdisciplinary study module which considers problems and solutions in a multidisciplinary way, combining technological, business and social perspectives. The study module aims to display the viewpoints of different disciplines considering circular economy and to combine these to discover sustainable, resource-efficient solutions.

The minor in Circular Economy provides versatile perspectives and knowledge which are needed in various fields in different expert tasks. The study module generates expertise to facilitate circular economy development projects. During the study module, students learn to critically assess the environmental effects of current operation models and are encouraged to generate sustainable solutions in their own areas of expertise. The study module guides students in perceiving the overall picture and combining different competences and viewpoints when necessary. After completing the study module, students also understand the boundary conditions, such as legislation, affecting circular economy. Altogether, the study module develops know-how and skills to lead the changeover from linear to circular economy.

Study module code: TUTA.VV-A05
Responsible teacher: Leena Aarikka-Stenroos

For more information, see curriculum 2022-2023