Energy Efficient and Sustainable Built Environment

The Energy Efficient and Sustainable Built Environment group studies the hygrothermal behaviour of structures and construction materials, as well as the energy consumption of buildings and the physical phenomena that affects indoor air quality. Additionally, we offer expert, product development and research services directly to companies when commissioned. Typically, the work done for companies includes investigations into the material properties of products or broader product development projects that aim to improve and develop the company’s products and systems.
Research projects can contain several different types of studies and tests that can be customized, if necessary, for both public projects and private ones commissioned by companies. New test methods and equipment can be developed for research projects if needed.
The main research topics are inter alia:
  • Indoor and outdoor air conditions, climate change
  • Energy consumption and energy efficiency of buildings
  • Hygrothermal performance of envelope structures and whole buildings
  • Building physical material properties
  • Development of research methods and equipment
The research group is a leader in the area of building physics in Finland, as well as being an internationally advanced building physics research unit. Building physics is also one of the top research areas of Tampere University in Civil Engineering. The research group cooperates extensively with the construction industry, the state, municipalities, as well as other universities, research institutes and projects within Tampere University such as ASUTUT and Verne to provide various research and expert services. Key themes in the research are solving the problems of humidity and mould in buildings and the problems caused by climate change.
The Sustainable Housing Design research group (ASUTUT) combines research and practice and merges unique areas of expertise. This includes adaptable, flexible and inclusive housing design, energy-efficient and zero energy and zero-carbon design, user satisfaction and performance evaluation, and the impact of these diverse aspects on spatial and architectural quality and dwellers health and well-being. The research group, lead by Co-PI associate professor Sofie Pelsmakers, strives to make a difference through holistic real-world research, in order to influence and support the design of sustainable housing environments and resilient communities now, and in the future. The researchers do this by investigating and re-imagining responses to current and predicted societal and environmental challenges, such as climate change, finite resources, ageing populations, declining health and well-being, loneliness, pollution, urbanization, affordability.
The transport system consists of passenger and freight transport, their demands and supplies, in different transport modes. It serves the needs of people, business life and society, and is connected to, e.g. land use and urban structure, the infrastructure, vehicles and vessels as well as to supply and value networks. The Transport Research Centre Verne, lead by Co-PI professor Heikki Liimatainen, promotes developing sustainable transport systems and logistics through research and education activities and their societal impact. It aims to act as a bridge between the scientific community and society. Verne networks both nationally and internationally raising important research areas into the discussion. The goal is to be active with other stakeholders in developing the transport system and create conditions for a more sustainable future. Furthermore, Verne aims to secure that graduates from Tampere University are respected professionals in the field of transport and logistics.
Ongoing projects:
Future Spaces (2020-)
ECOSAFE (2019-)
JUSTHEAT (2022-)
INPERSO (2022-)
T-Winning Spaces 


Juha Vinha

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  • Faculty of Built Environment
  • Tampere University
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Sofie Pelsmakers

  • Professor
  • Architecture, Housing Design
  • Faculty of Built Environment
  • Tampere University
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Heikki Liimatainen

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Anssi Laukkarinen

Sarah Kilpeläinen

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Mohamed Elsayed

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Faculty of Built Environment
  • Tampere University
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