High quality research in building physics

The building physics research group studies the hygrothermal behaviour of structures and construction materials, as well as the energy consumption of buildings and the physical phenomena that affects indoor air quality.

Research- and expert services

The research group is a leader in the area of building physics in Finland, as well as being an internationally advanced building physics research unit. Building physics is also one of the top research areas of Tampere University in Civil Engineering. The research group cooperates extensively with the construction industry, the state, municipalities, as well as other universities and research institutes by providing various research and expert services. Key themes in the research are solving the problems of humidity and mould in buildings and the problems caused by climate change.

Main research topics

– Hygrothermal performance of envelope structures and whole buildings
– Building physical material properties
– Indoor and outdoor air conditions, climate change
– Building physical performance criteria and limit values, fault tolerance
– Energy consumption and energy efficiency of buildings
– Development of analysis method for moisture performance of structures
– Development of research methods and equipment