Conference 2019

28.-30.10.2019, Tampere Hall, programme

The Finnish Building Physics Conference, organized by the Tampere University building physics research group and Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL), was held at the Tampere Hall for the sixth time. The subjects on the first day were related to building physical research, the hygrothermal performance of structures, and new instructions. On the second day the presentations focused on moisture and mould problems in buildings, their prevention and indoor air quality, as is tradition. On the third day the subjects were related to energy efficiency and acoustics, as well as low-carbon and natural structures. In the end over 90 presentations were heard at the conference, as was the case last time.

The 25th anniversary of the building physics research group was celebrated at the conference. The research group was founded in 1994 in Tampere University of Technology. Research has been moved in a more sustainable and goal-oriented direction, and new equipment and methods have continuously been developed alongside research. Much has happened during quarter of a century, and this was revisited in further detail in the celebratory speech, which opened the conference. To celebrate, an excursion to Hervanta was organized on Monday, where attendees had the chance to familiarize themselves with the research group’s current research methods and equipment. During the cocktail party there was also special program related to the theme.

In addition to the celebratory speech by Professor Juha Vinha, two international and one Finnish keynote presentation was heard. On the opening day the keynote presentation was given by Professor Hartwig Künzel, the creator and developer of the WUFI program from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. On Tuesday the keynote speaker was Anders Kumlin from Sweden, who has almost 40 years of experience in moisture performance and moisture damages of structures in Sweden. The keynote presentation on Wednesday was given by Professor Matti Kuittinen, who works at the Ministry of the Environment and Aalto University, and has been involved in writing the new analysis method for Finland, that takes into account the carbon footprint of the building.

Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction was handed out for the fourth time. This time the award was given to An update to the repair manual for a building with moisture and microbe damage, and the team who worked on it. According to the judges the update had been long-awaited, since the last version was published in 1997. The award was given to the following people: Inari Weijo (Ramboll Finland), Timo Turunen (Ramboll Finland), Jukka Lahdensivu (Ramboll Finland), Esko Sistonen (Aalto University), Petri Annila (Tampere University), Katja Outinen (Ministry of the Environment), Kirsi Torikka-Jalkanen (City of Helsinki), Antti Souto (AINS Group), Virpi Sandström (Vahanen Building Physics), Pekka Laamanen (Vahanen Building Physics) and Hannu Kääriäinen (Oulu University of Applied Sciences).

Additionally, the jury for the Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction awarded Professor Juha Vinha a commendation for his long career with building physical research and projects. The jury especially praised Vinha for his initiative and courage in renewing the field.

Once again, the record for the most partners for the conference was broken, this time with 83 partners. There were 46 exhibitors, which was also a record. The conference had almost 600 attendants. Thus, the popularity of building physics continues to be on the rise and the event is found to be extremely important in the field.

You can download the slideshows of the celebratory speech and the keynote speakers here:

Celebratory speech: Professor Jha Vinha, Tampere University, Finland: 25 years of building physics in Tampere history, present day and future

Keynote 1: Professor Hartwig Künzel, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany: Meeting global building challenges requires improved hygrothermal design!

Keynote 2: Building physics expert Anders Kumlin, Anders Kumlin AB, Sweden: Moisture damages and preventive actions in Sweden

Keynote 3: Professor Matti Kuittinen, Ministry of the Environment, Finland: Millä oletuksilla optimoidaan vähähiilisempää huomista?

Here you can see the pictures of the event.