NSB 2011

29th May–2nd June 2011, programme

There was no Finnish Building Physics Conference held, since TUT and the building physics research group hosted the international NSB 2011 Symposium (Nordic Symposium on Building Physics). The objective of the NSB symposium is to provide a forum for research scientists, students, construction professionals, lecturers and other interested parties to network and to exchange results of research and development.

The first Nordic Symposium on Building Physics was held in Lund, Sweden in 1987. The 9th symposium, NSB 2011, was the second to be held in Finland and the first in Tampere. The symposium language was English and all papers were peer-reviewed. The CIB–W040 “Heat and Moisture Transfer in Building” annual meeting was held in connection with the NSB 2011.

The NSB 2011 was organized in cooperation with IABP (International Association of Building Physics) and CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction).

The presentations at the symposium as pdf.

View photos from the Symposium.