News archive 8th of Jun 2018:

Building physics research group from Tampere University of Technology has received funding to the SAFEHEAT-project. In the project intelligent heating to keep empty buildings and vehicles (camper vans and boats) dry is studied. The purpose of the study is to develop a service consept and control equipment. With this product empty spaces can be heated in the way that mould growth and significant water condensation are not possible in the examined spaces or the structures surrounding them. However, heating is optimized to save energy.

When using intelligent heating the inside temperature is usually only a couple of degrees higher than outdoor temperature. The indoor conditions are controlled by equipment which is following indoor and outdoor conditions. With the equipment the indoor and outdoor conditions can be followed and also adjused with remote access. If a building has mechanical ventilation it can also be attached to the control system.

The new product has plenty of demand, since, in Finland alone, the amount of buildings that are out of use at least temporarily is estimated to be 5-10%. A significant portion of them are summer cottages. Additionally, the control system can be used to maintain desired indoor conditions in warehouses. The product is intended to be brought to the international markets rapidly.

The project is starting on the 1st of August 2018 and ending 31st of December 2020. Professor Juha Vinha from the building physics research group is the responsible leader of the project and Tommi Mahlamäki, D.Sc. (Tech.), from industrial and information management laboratory is the project manager. The total funding to Tampere University of Technology is 460000 € and it is part of TUTL-projects which are funded by Business Finland.