Calculation modelling

Using different modelling software, calculation analyses can be done to study the behaviour of both structures and buildings in desired indoor and outdoor climate conditions. The effects caused by changes in different factors on the conditions and behaviour of the studied structure or building can quickly be examined using computational analyses.

Computational analyses can be used in studying the following:

  • thermal transmittance coefficient, i.e. U-value of a structure
  • hygrothermal behaviour of structures
  • changes in the thermal and moisture conditions of indoor air
  • energy consumption of buildings
  • modelling air flow

The research group mainly uses the following modelling software:

High performance computing is used in analyses to shorten calculation times. The Building Physics research group uses the NARVI cluster.

The performance of the modelling software in different situations is constantly assessed. In addition to general calculation methods, the research group also utilizes an analysis method for moisture performance. The method was developed by the group during several different research projects in the last 20 years. The group cooperated with other research institutes in the subprojects related to the development work.

More information about calculation modelling from Juha Vinha and Anssi Laukkarinen.