Material testing

Various different tests can be conducted on materials to study their behaviour in different temperature and moisture conditions. The subjects of the studies can include the resistance of a material or its surface, mould growth, deformations, thermal transmittance, moisture permeability, water binding properties, or capillarity properties. The experiments can be performed according to standards or by using methods specifically developed for the subject currently under examination.

  • thermal conductivity and thermal resistance
  • specific heat capacity
  • thermal diffusivity
  • thermal deformation
  • air permeability and air resistance
  • hygroscopic equilibrium moisture content
  • capillary equilibrium moisture content
  • specific moisture capacity
  • water vapour transmission rate and water vapour resistance
  • capillary water uptake coefficient
  • capillary saturated humidity
  • capillary rise
  • maximum moisture content
  • water impermeability
  • moisture deformation
Climate stress
  • moulding sensitivity

More information about material testing from Juha Vinha and Eero Tuominen.