Finnish Building Physics Conferences

The building physics research group of Tampere University and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) have organized the Finnish Building Physics Conference together every other year since 2007. The conferences gather a broad audience from different fields of construction. The presentations address the latest achievements in building physics research and practical applications. The three-day conference includes approximately 100 current presentations from different areas of building physics. Additionally, the conference is also attended by international top researchers in the field of building physics as keynote speakers. Over 600 people attended the 2017 conference, and it has become the biggest professional conference in the field of construction in Finland.

Finnish Building Physics Conference 2019 is held at Tampere Hall on 28.-30.10.2019. Join in either as a participant, a partner, or send a presentation suggestion! The presentation suggestions should be sent in through the conference homepage by 13.5. 2019 at the latest.

Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction

Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction emphasizes the importance of moisture management at construction sites and the moisture behaviour of envelope structures, and their role in making a healthy, safe, and long-lasting building. The aim of the competition is to highlight good practices, execution and products that strive to improve moisture safety of buildings. The competition is open for both new buildings and renovations.

The best propositions are presented at the Building Physics Symposium. The winner is chosen by judges. Representatives from both Tampere University and from Finnish Association of Civil Engineers are in the jury alongside representatives of media and other expert organisations.

Previous winners:

2017: Construction site moisture management training and the development workgroup (article in Finnish, diploma)

2015: Building inspection authority of City of Oulu and that of City of Helsinki (Oulu’s article in Finnish, Oulus’s diploma, Helsinki’s article in Finnish)

2013: Lamox Oy/Takotek Oy (their article in Finnish, diploma)