Conference 2015

20th–22nd of October 2015, programme

The three-day conference had 527 participants. The topics of the first day were related to building physics research, design and education. The topics of the second day covered moisture and mould problems of buildings, as well as indoor air problems. The topics of the third day were mainly focused on energy efficiency and acoustics. There were a total of 86 presentations, four of which were keynote speeches.

According to the feedback, the most interesting speaker of the conference was architect Kimmo Lylykangas, who was a keynote speaker on Thursday. Other keynote speakers were Professor Mark Bomberg from Canada, Professor Anker Nielsen from Denmark and the former director of building inspection authority of the City of Oulu, Tapani Mäkikyrö. The other keynote speakers received praise for their interesting speeches as well. Here you can take a closer look at the keynote speakers.

In addition to the presentations, the Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction was awarded at the conference. The winner was chosen from among 29 high-level submissions. A total of six submissions made it to the final, and their topics included measuring the toxicity of indoor air, monitoring of buildings, solving indoor air problems, the building inspection authorities of municipalities, and safely drying floors.

This time the award was shared between the building inspection authorities of the City of Oulu and the City of Helsinki. The emphasis, when choosing the winner, was on social influence. Both Oulu and Helsinki have developed new operation models to improve moisture management during construction. Already in this early stage, they have changed the moisture management practices in construction.

“Both Helsinki and Oulu are doing important and meaningful work to promote moisture-safe construction. Both cities aim to remind those, who begin a building project, with instructions and an operation model, that they should prepare for moisture management during construction early enough. Especially exemplary in Oulu is their desire to promote the matter through conversations with developers and construction firms,” says the president of the jury, Professor Juha Vinha.

People rewarded from the building inspection authority of Oulu were (the building inspection authority of Oulu, if nothing else is mentioned): Tapani Mäkikyrö (formerly in the building inspection authority of Oulu), Pekka Seppälä, Markku Hienonen, Tommi Riippa, Sami Saari, Hanna-Marleena Parviainen, Lauri Mikkonen, Eveliina Tackett, Hannu Kääriäinen (Oulu University of Applied Sciences), Teppo Lehtinen (Ministry of the Environment) and Katja Outinen (Ministry of the Environment). People rewarded from the building inspection authority of Helsinki were: Lauri Jääskeläinen, Kai Miller, Risto Levanto, Virpi Kehiakehi and Markku Rämä.

Keynote-presentations are available for download (Keynotes 1 and 2 in English):

Keynote 1. Professor Mark Bomberg, McMaster U., Canada, Southeast U., China, Cracow U. of Technology, Poland: From German Passive House, through American Experience to the High Quality Environment (HQE) Buildings

Keynote 2. Professor Anker Nielsen, Danish Technical University, Denmark: Energy Efficient Houses in Denmark and Moisture Conditions in Highly Insulated Constructions – Rules, Practice and Education

Keynote 3. Tapani Mäkikyrö, Finland: Uudenlaisen rakennusvalvonnan mahdollisuus vaikuttaa rakentamisen laatuun, riskienhallintaan ja työnsä tuottavuuteen – kokemuksia ja visioita

Keynote 4. Architect, adjunct professor Kimmo Lylykangas, Finland: Rakennusten energiatehokkuuskonseptien mahdollisuudet

View photos from the Conference (flickr).