The Finnish Building Physics Conference 2019 is held on 28.-30.10.2019

The building physics research group of Tampere University and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) are organizing the national building physics conference for the sixth time at the Tampere Hall on 28.-30.10.2019. The conference gathers construction professionals to listen to and discuss new research results and good practical solutions in the field. The building physics conference is organized every two years, and it is the largest professional conference in Finland in the field. At the last conference over 600 people attended and nearly 100 speeches were heard. International keynote speakers will be speaking at the conference this year as well.

The Finnish Award for Moisture-safe Building Construction will be awarded for the fourth time. The award is designed to highlight the importance of moisture management during construction and moisture performance of envelope structures in making a safe, healthy and long-lasting building. The aim of the competition is to emphasize good practices, execution and products that strive to improve the moisture safety of buildings. The competition is open for both new and repair construction.

More information about the conference and a Call for Papers –leaflet can be found at