A collection of videos illustrating our research.

Early Face Interface

A novel prototype for HCI called the wireless Face Interface was presented. It was built on the frames of protective glasses housing both, the wearable eye tracker for pointing and the capacitive sensor for selecting the objects. The use of prototype was evaluated using a wider selection of tasks than earlier studies for similar techniques have done. The results showed that the Face Interface technique was functional in both cases, using either frowning technique or raising the eyebrows technique in object selection. Thus, it offers more flexibility for the user than previous similar techniques.

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Multimodal In-Vehicle Infotainment System Interaction

The set of demos explore novel interaction experiences using In-Vehicle systems for current and future autonomous vehicles. The demos include:

  1. Light Operated Vibrotactile Screen
  2. 4CAPS: Quad Channel Air Pulse Generator
  3. Pneumatic Sub-woofer based tactile touchscreen Interaction
  4. Linear Tactile Screen Guard (Vertical Force Actuation on Ridged Glass Displays)
  5. Longitudinal Screen Excited with Tangential Actuation
  6. Fukoku Haptic Seat with rotation haptic cue
  7. Haptic Seat + with vertical actuation
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