The research in our group is centrally targeted at utilizing social and emotional information and processes in various technology environments.

Main focuses

Our focus is especially in studying and teaching of how emotionally and socially meaningful signals and processes can be utilized in human-technology interaction and communication for several purposes, for example:

  • To both evoke and regulate emotions,
  • To enhance and facilitate cognitive processes,
  • To improve the quality of human-technology interaction,
  • To develop new interface technologies that utilize socially and emotionally relevant signals and processes.

Our expertises

The researchers of our group have a multidisciplinary background. We have expertise in psychology, computer science, and interactive technology. We have worked in a wide range of research areas. For example, we have studied connections between the sense of touch (i.e. haptics) and emotions, and the use of haptics in regulation of human behavior, associations between synthetic speech and emotions, facial expression recognition with computer vision. We have also in collaboration with engineers developed several prototype technologies that can be used to measure human behavior with biological origin and to interact with various technologies.