Our group conducts a wide range of experimental research using psychophysiological measurements. We have an electromagnetically shielded and sound attenuated laboratory and many commercial up-to-date devices for psychophysiological research and behavioral research. We also have several prototype technologies developed in collaboration with Tampere University of Technology and Nokia Research Center. All the technologies can be used wirelessly to measure human behavior and most of them can be used to interact with technology in various ways.


Commercial devices

Physiological measurement

  • Emotiv EPOC, wearable 14-channel EEG headset
  • Neuroelectrics Enobio, 20-channel wireless EEG measurement system
  • NeuroScan SynAmps, 64-channel EEG amplifier
  • Nexus-10 and Nexus-32 systems for measuring ECG, BVP, SC, EMG, etc.

Olfactory technologies

  • Cynexo Sniff-0, 13-channel olfactometer
  • Environics ChemPro 100i eNose

VR-glasses and controllers

  • Varjo
  • HTC
  • Oculus

Eye trackers

Eye-tracking equipment was inherited from the VIRG group that was restructured recently.

The short list of eye-tracking devices:

  • several devices from Tobii: T60 (x2), X2-60 and EyeX (x5),
  • Tobii Glasses 3
  • Smart Eye system with 3 cameras (120Hz)
  • a dozen of myGaze devices from Visual Interaction,
  • EyeLink 1000 Plus,
  • Pupil Labs Tracker
  • Eye Tribe ET1000

Full list of the devices, including historical units, can be found on a separate page.

Special software

  • E-Prime 3 and 2 Professional
  • Noldus FaceReader