Narrating Hiedanranta Archive // Stories to Keep Alive

This Booklet presents the work done during Hiedanranta Workshop in June 2022. The collaboration between local pioneering people, who have a special relationship to the area through taking vacant places back into use since 2016, and researchers and practioners from abroad interested in experimenting with visual and poetic methods, resulted in a rich compound of inspirational works.

Image by Klaske Havik

Download here: Narrating Hiedanranta Archive – Stories to Keep Alive

N.B: Booklet includes links to audio and video alike!


The motivation behind this collection of work is two-fold: First, it is a description of a delicate turning point in a beloved area, Hiedanranta, that has been brought back to life by diverse people. Vacant buildings have been taken into use through varied experimentations where people have also realized their dreams. There is something very cozy in Hiedanranta, the feeling of a small village, where people know each other, greet and care. The era of Hiedanranta is nevertheless changing. Many buildings have been demolished, only the core that will stay, is now standing. New construction is coming in, the heart composed of former industrial buildings, wooden villas and a mansion will be contoured by buildings of another scale and density.

So what happens next? How the heart will deal with the new layers? Who will stay and who will move on? This brings us to the second motivation of this collection: There can be surprising momentum in keeping stories alive when being in a turning point. Stories are powerful, they outlive people and places. Stories also grow, they carry, and support. By bringing some stories of this delicate moment into the front, captivating as they are in their poetic and visual languages and rooted  in personal experiences, these stories they carry the potential to become cornerstones and seeds of the future.

Elina Alatalo, Dalia Milián Bernal and Mathilde Merolli

October 2022, Tampere