Urban Activism (Course)

Photo: Mikko Kyrönviita

This multidisciplinary course delves into the complex arena of urban activism.

Period 4 – contact session Tuesdays from 13.00 – 16.00
Responsible teachers: Elina Alatalo, Dalia Milián Bernal, Mikko Kyrönviita, Veera Turku

Grounded on cases based in the city of Tampere, the course provides an overview of the range of spaces of dispute and action; the actors involved, their aims, the tactics they apply to voice their demands, their achievements, the challenges they face and the processes they unleash. Also, the role of governance and the diverse and often controversial relationship between activism and official urban development are dealt with in the course. Through lectures, readings, discussions, site visits, and small spatial interventions, the course will introduce key concepts, promote critical thinking, and provide an understanding of the multifaceted processes related to urban activism. Moreover, the course stimulates a critical analysis of de-facto processes of urbanization and encourages new and creative thinking to challenge them through the active transformation of urban space.