The Birth of the Quoetry Method (Short film)

In an academic workshop in Hiedanranta summer 2022 methodological experiments lead to merging quotations and poetry into Quoetry, creating emotionally and experientially strong communication. While showcasing the method, the film tells also about bridging the worlds of a self-taught builder and educated architects.

This short film was put together by dance and film artist Tuulia Soininen and researcher Elina Alatalo to spread the word on Quoetry Method. The method itself was experimented by Narrating Hiedanranta workshop participants Dorina Pllumbi and Mathilde Merolli while interviewing Ville Natunen from Kaarikoirat skateboarders’ association. Plenty of the materials such as soundscapes or images for the film came also from other workshop participants, about whose projects you can read from the Narrating Hiedanranta Archive. Premiere of the film was in Delft in Writing Urban Places Symposium June 2023. If you know of someone doing experiments similar to Quoetry, or you get inspired yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Image is a screenshot from the film. The duration of the film is 6 mins 20 secs.