The KCRED - we research, teach and influence.

The KCRED researches and develops value creation models and phenomena in real estate development, as well as related socio-technical changes in the institutional operating environment of the real estate and construction industry.

We produce new researched information for the field and direct the teaching of real estate development based on the latest research information. Our goal is to develop sustainable solutions for the real estate and construction industry’s future challenges as well as promote the development of value creation models of the industry.

Strategy 2017–2025

The Knowledge Centre for Real Estate Development is a future-oriented research unit whose research strategy focuses on researching the value creation phenomena of real estate development. The competence center’s operation is based on the Triple Helix model and consists of three areas: research, teaching and social influence. Based on these, a sustainable operating model is formed, with the help of which we conduct scientific research that benefits society as a whole in close cooperation with industry players.