LFE research themes are:

  • Flexible/bendable/stretchable electronics
  • Integration of printed and conventional electronics (hybrid systems)
  • Energy storage and harvesting
  • Printed thin-film circuits and systems




Academy of Finland

  • HI-PHOTO-SINTER (project) – HIgh-resolution, Printing-Based Patterning and PHOTOnic SINTERing for High-Speed, Low-Voltage Metal-Oxide Thin Film Transistors, 2022-2026
  • PII (FIRI), Printed Intelligence Infrastructure, 2019-2021.  PII’s webpage


  • SUINK (Horizon Europe), SUstainable self-charging power systems developed by INKjet printing, 2022-2026. SUINK webpage
  • TESLA (CHIST-ERA project), Transient Electronics for Sustainable ICT in DigitaL Agriculture, 2022 – 2025. TESLA webpage
  • UNOPIEZO (H2020, MSCA IF) Unobtrusive printed piezoelectric sensors for non-invasive biosignal monitoring, 10/2021-12/2023. UNOPIEZO project card
  • Charisma (ITN) Energy autonomous smart sensor label with electrochromic readout, 2019 – 2023. Charisma webpage
  • InComEss(EU H2020) INnovative polymer-based COmposite systeMs for high-efficient Energy Scavenging and Storage, 2020-2023. InComEss project card. InComEss webpage.


Recently completed projects

Academy of Finland

  • EpiPrint (Research fellow) – Development of epidermal electronics using nano-materials and advanced printing technologies, 9/2015-8/2020
  • VBA (project) – Vascular Biomechanics Assessment using printed soft electronics and advanced signal processing, 9/2017-8/2021
  • HiFlex (project) – High frequency printed circuitry for wireless communication, 9/2017 – 8/2021
  • LightningSense (project, IoT of future, with TAU Chemistry and Aalto Microelectronics) Energy autonomous wireless sensor node with printed light harvesters (lead-free perovskites) and energy storage (supercapacitors), 9/2018 – 8/2021


  • Smart2Go (H2020) Smart wearables for sports and safety, 1/2019- 6/2022. Smart2Go webpage
  • BioÄly (EAKR EUregional funding) Sustainable biodegradable materials, 3/2018 – 03/2022. BioÄly webpage

Business Finland

  • Elastronics (co-innovation), Stretchable hybrid electronics for wearables; characterization, modeling, fabrication, reliability, 9/2018-8/2020. Elastronics project card
  • ECOtronics (co-innovation) Sustainable electronics and optics, 10/2019-1/2022. ECOtronics webpage
  • Naked Approach, (Strategic opening), Nordic perspective to gadget‐free hyperconnected environments, 3/2015-6/2018
  • Towards Digital Paradise, applying Naked Approach developed technologies, 1/2017-12/2018
  • VitalSens, VitalSens – Platform Technology for Affordable, Continuous Health, 9/2014 – 4/2018. VitalSens webpage
  • PAUL (FidiPro) Technology platform to enable a printable, sustainable Internet of Everything, 11/2014 – 10/2019

Austrian FFS

  • Self-PoSH (Bridge funding, coordinator Joanneum Research) – laterally patterned piezoelectric sensors and their use for motion harvesting, 1/2017 – 12/2018