COVID-19 in the margins of society - Homelessness-sub-project

Researcher in charge: professor Laura Kalliomaa-Puha (CoMa project)

Research group: Suvi Raitakari (researcher in charge in homelessness sub-project), Marja Hekkala, Henna Takala, Mikko Ilmoniemi, Jenni Mäki, Kirsi Juhila, Johanna Ranta and Leena Rusi + in collaboration with MARGI research group

Research period and funding: 1.1.2021–31.8.2023, European Social Fund

The sub-project conducted at Tampere University focuses on homelessness. We are interested in the daily lives of people experiencing and at risk of homelessness and the employees working with them during and after the pandemic. People in need of support to find housing and to be able to live in housing are not one specific group, which is why we approach this research task from the perspective of the relational agency of the interacting parties. This perspective enables the examination of possibilities for action and intersectionality, ie the uneven and stratified intersections of power that affect people’s social position.

We will explore the resilience of the people in the target group and the systems providing aid; how does resilience or resistance, functional capacity and adaptation to health threats emerge and change during the pandemic? As well as generating new knowledge, our task is to assess the recognition of the right to care and the equal treatment and inclusion of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness from the social justice perspective. 

Research project website.


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