Developing and Researching Integrated Work in Family Centers (OsaHäme 2017-2018)

Developing and researching integrated work in family centres together with professionals from child and family services in Kanta-Häme

Researcher in charge: Suvi Raitakari

Research team: Jenni-Mari Räsänen, Tuula Kostiainen, Kirsi Juhila

Research period and funding: 2017-2018, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Lapsi- ja perhepalvelujen muutosohjelma LAPE)

Our aim & target:

  • To identify and recognise the families and situations that require integrated working
  • Those who participate in the creation and development of family centres have structured perception of what integration is and what client’s participation means as well as how integrated working is carried out in the everyday practices and encounters of family centres and multi-professional networks

What do we do in the project?

  • We concentrate on analysing the everyday practices and experiences of welfare work
  • We support the development process and the workers’ management in the middle of the transition process
  • We enable the modelling of the integrated working process
  • We scrutinise the central issues of integration by means of earlier research and empirical knowledge
  • We create space for critical thinking and new ways of doing

Our research focuses on studying:

  • What and what kinds of situations require integrated working?
  • When integrated working benefits both clients and professionals?
  • The forms and means of integrated working:
    • The assessment of service needs
    • Client plan
    • Recording, usage and transferring of information
    • The idea of “personal worker”
    • Mobile services