Haptics and XR for medical 3D imaging

Haptics-enabled virtual reality (VR) interface for medical analysis, using a VR headset and a force-feedback device.Providing the user with flexible and natural view angles and realistic touch feeling.Implementing medical functions including object manipulation (rotate, pan, zoom), drawing, measurement, cutting, and drilling.

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Multimodal Handwriting Learning Application

Using “Stick-slip” phenomena the demonstration illustrates how it is possible to move / control tangible objects linkage free on a touchscreen surface. The demonstration device uses a generic Microsoft Surface tablet and stylus to teach participants various handwriting tasks and test their accuracy in replicating various shapes and characters.

Virtual and Physical Ice-Hockey Interface​

This artificial system uses the “Stick-slip” phenomena to merge physical and virtual interaction into the same  space in real time. The demonstration uses a physical (representation) of an ice hockey goal-keeper that can interact within a virtual playground environment. The unique system has an artificially generated virtual puck which the physical goal-keeper tries to block in real-time. This demo shows how it is possible to generate physical forces on a virtual object and how a virtual object can affect a physical entity seamlessly. 

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3D Momentary Display​

A temporary display created using vaporized liquid suspension containing microscopic (reflective) particles which can be ionized when brought in-contact with (a specific) spectrum of light. Using various frequency of lasers (outside the visible spectrum) it is possible to project a 3D object (in simplified vertices & edges) that can interact with the vaporized liquid to display rudimentary shapes. 

(WIP) Multimodal In-Vehicle Infotainment System Interaction (HapticAuto Project)​

The set of demos explore novel interaction experiences using In-Vehicle systems for current and future autonomous vehicles. The demos include:

  1. Light Operated Vibrotactile Screen
  2. 4CAPS: Quad Channel Air Pulse Generator
  3. Pneumatic Sub-woofer based tactile touchscreen Interaction
  4. Linear Tactile Screen Guard (Vertical Force Actuation on Ridged Glass Displays)
  5. Longitudinal Screen Excited with Tangential Actuation
  6. Fukoku Haptic Seat with rotation haptic cue
  7. Haptic Seat + with vertical actuation
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Weather sonification installation

We built a sonification demonstration in Järvenpää art museum. It plays you the latest weather forecast in the form of a five-minute piece of classical music. This demo was part their weather-themed art installation, displayed from March to September, 2019.

In this installation, our software periodically fetches the latest 24 hour weather forecast for Järvenpää area from the web service of FMI, Finnish Meteorological Institute. It then analyses the weather data, transforms it into MIDI music, and then turns that MIDI data into a piece of classical music, rendered by a synthetic orchestra.

Hear an excerpt of the weather forecast for Järvenpää from February 26, 2019:

Sonification is the branch of science that studies turning data into musical forms. Our Data-to-Music project analysed data from various sources – industrial control, fitness and sports, crane maintenance – and developed ways to turn that data into music. The goal was to see if the human ear can identify patterns in data that otherwise remain opaque to our senses. This could enable new ways to approach human-computer interaction with these systems.