Research vision

ORC is one of the leading optoelectronics research groups in Europe with more than 30 years of activity centred on the use of molecular beam epitaxy and the development of novel optoelectronic devices, such as laser diodes or solar cells. Our vision is powered by integration of multidisciplinary research in material science, new photonics technologies, and related applications. Our research strategy is devised on long-term goals with a high potential for societal impact, transcending borders from fundamental science all the way to entrepreneurship. The current key research areas include the development of semiconductor lasers with new functionality, high efficiency solar cells, photonic integration technology, and application-tailored photonic sub-systems. These topics are aligned with global trends that place photonics as a key-enabling technology for solving global problem, for example related to energy saving, solar energy generation, environmental monitoring and climate change, or new methods for medical diagnosis and treatments. More detailed information on ORC activities is available under “Research” and “Projects” sections.

Group leader: Prof. Mircea Guina