Project overview:

Quantum technologies and photonic integration are envisaged to solve the current limitations in information technology and completely change the paradigms of computing. However, this expected revolution is still mostly based on theoretical concepts, which have not yet been implemented as applications or seamlessly integrated with the existing technologies or parallel quantum technological building blocks required for complex quantum technological ecosystems. QuTI (Quantum Technologies Industrial) is a co-innovation project lead by VTT which aims to cover the full value chain of the quantum industry from materials development to system-level solutions.


Overview of the TAU subproject within QuTI:

We focus on the development of quantum light-emitting materials and devices and their integration on the silicon photonic platform for the applications in quantum photonics and electronics. More specifically, we develop new epitaxial technologies for the growth of III-V semiconductor quantum dots for highly efficient non-classical light sources and their direct integration on silicon. The quantum dot based light emitters are then used to fabricate integrated quantum light sources providing triggered non-classical photons and ultra-fast, low energy/bit electro-optical interfaces for single flux quantum devices developed by VTT.


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