(Funded by the Academy of Finland)

Quantum technologies and photonic integration are envisaged to solve the current limitations of the information technology and completely change the paradigms of computing, communication, and sensing. However, this expected revolution is still based on theoretical concepts which have not yet been implemented as applications.

To this end, NanoLight aims for the development of new types of compact sources of nonclassical light for quantum optics and nanolasers for the next generation of photonic integration. These nanoscale light sources are based on III-V semiconductor nanostructures and they exploit plasmonics to achieve light-matter interaction at nanoscale. NanoLight combines state-of-the-art molecular beam epitaxy, nanofabrication, and advanced techniques of experimental optics. The research is conducted in an international research environment including groups from Finland, UK, and US.

Principal Investigator (PI)

Teemu Hakkarainen