The research groups of the PCRC are listed below, with links to all current members of each group. Our projects often involve collaborations among Tampere PCRC groups and with other researchers both in the fair city of Tampere Finland and together with our esteemed collaborators at many fine institutions around the world.

Research groups

Molecular Biology of Prostate Cancer (Prof. Tapio Visakorpi)
Department of Urology (Prof. Teuvo Tammela)
PELICAN- Personalized Cancer Medicine (Prof. G. Steven Bova)
Computational Biology (Prof. Matti Nykter)
Epidemiology (Prof. Anssi Auvinen)
Pharmacoepidemiology and Chemoprevention of urological cancer (Prof. Teemu Murtola)
Bioimage informatics (Pekka Ruusuvuori)
Cancer Regulation and Immunology (Kirsi Rautajoki)
Genomic Regulation for Precision Cancer Medicine Lab (Alfonso Urbanucci)

Affiliated groups

– Dr. Teemu Tolonen (Fimlab Ltd), Histopathology of Prostate Cancer
Prof. Johanna Schleutker (University of Turku), Genetic Predisposition to Prostate Cancer