Open and free seminar: Contested Young Sexualities 20.6.2023

Welcome to the seminar Contested Young Sexualities on Tuesday 20 June 2023 at 10–16. The seminar is held at Tampere University’s Linna building, hall K103 (Kalevantie 5, 33100 Tampere) and also on Zoom.

Sexuality and relationships are a part of young people’s everyday lives, but some of the risks and problematic phenomena related to them have this far remained underexplored in research. What kind of violence occurs in young people’s intimate relations? How digital environments change the risks that young people encounter? These and other questions are discussed in a seminar organized by the research project Contested Consent (CoCo): Social and Digital Borders and Orders of Intimacy in Young People’s Romantic Engagements.
The Finnish-language morning session (at 10–12) presents findings from the new survey on intimate partner violence in young people’s relationships. The English-language afternoon session (at 13–16) focuses on digitality and discusses project’s research findings. Please join us: register for the whole seminar or a part of it by filling in this form: by 13 June 2023. The hybrid seminar is open for all and free of charge. Those participating online will be sent a Zoom link to their email on 19 June 2023.
Visual design: Sirpa Varis