Our team is interested in training and supervising students from Tampere University as well as other Institutes in Finland for their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.  We also encourage student exchange via various international exchange programs such as ERASMUS, ERASMUS+, EMBO, and CIMO/SITRA.  Students are encouraged to involve in some of the ambitious and ongoing projects in our group.  We are interested especially to involve students from a multidisciplinary background (Chemists, Biologists, and Physicists).

The topics for thesis work include but are not limited to.

  • Bio-based optics, photonics, and sensors
  • Breast cancer: Lab-on-a-chip metastasis models
  • Precision nanoparticles
  • Advanced transmission electron microscopy

Interested students are encouraged to contact our team members along with a CV (according to TENK guidelines) and a letter of motivation or statement of purpose.


Our research group is a part of the Chemistry and Advanced Materials cluster located on the Hervanta campus.

Know about our campus and facilities

Hervanta Campus

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Materials Science and Environmental Engineering

Chemistry and Advanced Materials

Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship (PREIN)


Visiting address:

Korkeakoulunkatu 3,  Hervanta Campus, FI-33720, Tampere, Finland