Starting from Autumn 2012, RESPMAN Research Group has organised a Master’s Degree Programme in Responsible Business (Vastuullisen liiketoiminnan maisteriohjelma). Currently the two-year master’s degree programme is organised mostly in Finnish and the competence module in Responsible Business and Sustainability is organised in English and open to international and open university students as well.

Please see the curricula for further information:

Competence module on Responsible Business and Sustainability

Advanced level courses (master’s degree)

Here you can see the suggested study path in the master’s degree programme:

Master’s Programme Responsible Business

Responsible business master’s thesis topics / Vastuullisen liiketoiminnan graduaiheet

Master’s theses can be done in collaboration with business and other organisations and institutions. Theses can be completed in Finnish or in English. For topic suggestions and further information, please contact Anna Hannula.

Anna Hannula, PhD, Academic director of Responsible business MDP